Monday, January 12, 2009

Malum Review

My first Bionicle: Glatorian review. I present to you: Malum! (Sorry about the first blurry picture)


Malum is a nice combination of red, orange, and gray. While silver is used in this set, it took a massive back-down because in the Mistika, silver dominated all colors. While I am a fan of silver, it's nice to get back on focusing on the colors of what element the Bionicle is suppose to be.

Back shot of Malum. On his back is located a health counter.

Close-up of the health counter. The reason for this is because Bionicle now has a game that involves two Glatorian battling each other.

The new pieces that Malum comes with. From left to right: Glatorian/Agori head, flame claw, straight Hordika neck, one half of Thornax Launcher, Thornax fruit, Malum's helmet, health counter.

Malum comes with many new pieces, it's just so awesome. There are a few things about Malum you should know though. For one, the Kalmah Hordika feet on his arms slightly hinders his articulation. And he's also the shortest Glatorian in the Winter 2009 sets.

My Final Thoughts:

Just like everything else in the world, pro's and con's accompany this set.


* Awesome colors
* Silver is hardly seen on this set
* Awesome new head
* A lot of new pieces
* Finally, instead of letting your Bionicle sets gather dust, you can play a game with them that you can keep track of!
* Thornax Launcher is light, easy to use, and isn't bulky at all
* Lots of recolored pieces (Granted, the Hordika feet would have been red on Kalmah, but aren't as they were altered for Kalmah)


* Very short stature if you don't like short sets
* Claws reach to feet if you consider them his hands
* Health counter slightly looks off-placed on him

This is a great set. If you were thinking of passing him over, than you're wrong. He's a great addition to your collection, and you won't be disappointed.

Stars: 9.5 out of 10

Malum's getting ready for his "Rider Kick"!

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